February 2012

Why We Still Love Elvis Presley

With the sad funeral of Whitney Houston this weekend, we are reminded of the epic role that an entertainer can have in the lives of the fans. Yes, there is the deep personal mourning for those who knew the dearly departed celebrity the best. There is also a sort of personal mourning when an icon has entered the hearts of his or her admirers. 
Elvis Presley is also a star whose death left a deep void in the lives of his most devoted fans. Music has a power to heal and to transform our lives. When a singer or musician is in the spotlight giving us wonderful music for years on end, it’s not surprising that we feel a bond with them. These artists put into words and set to music our deepest feelings. Presley’s music had a lot of heart, and that is one of the reasons that he is still so beloved even by fans who were not born when the iconic singer passed away. 
Another reason that we still adore Elvis is that he had the courage to put it all out there. He did have his private life, of course, but he was honest in a way that few are with his music and in the way that he lived his life. Even when he was ridiculed for his size and habits, he was there performing for his fans and sharing through his art. He was a genuine person as well as a genuine artist.

Lisa Marie's "Elvis...Through His Daughter's Eyes"

Lisa Marie Presley went to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, this past week to celebrate her birthday. She was born February 1, 1968, to Elvis and Priscilla, and she was immediately a daddy’s girl. Elvis doted on his new daughter, and they enjoyed a close bond. It has even been celebrated in both his music and her own musical career. 
Sadly, Elvis passed away when she was only a little girl; she was only 9 years old. Lisa Marie has said in the past that her mentality after her father’s death was rather tortured. She became very lonely and full of deep questions about life that she found no immediate answers to, such as the answer to what life and death really are. Now 44, Lisa Marie is all grown up and paying tribute to her beloved dad.