October 2011

My stint as an Elvis Impersonator

How Did This Happen?

I used to belong to a fairly progressive Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. The church had its own rock band called “Jake and the Phocylls”. They played mostly 50’s and 60’s music with a few early 70’s hits. The band formed when the Church wanted to throw an authentic 50’s sock hop.

Jake Mattson was the leader of a local rock band that specialized in classic rock. He took the initiative to form “Jake and the Phocylls” and after the first sock hop, it became an annual event. The band had 3 guitarists, 1 Drummer, 1 keyboardist, a 5 piece horn section, 1 bass player, and a girl group called “the Phocyllettes”.

From Father To Son

I Said "Don't Cry, Daddy"!

In 1975 my mother brought home a Mickey Mouse record player. It was used from a garage sale, red, plastic, with a picture of Mickey and Minnie dancing at a sock hop on the lid. I then asked my father if he would supply me with some rock 'n roll records. Something current.