July 2011

Elvis impersonators rule the world

And make us think the King hasn't left the building.


There is something unsettling about celebrity impersonators.  It seems almost like they have such a craving for fame that they want to carve off a sliver from the real celebrity’s pie.  Or that they think their own talents are at their best if they mimic the stylings and dress of the real celebrity.  Maybe they just don’t want to be themselves.  It takes so much work to mock hair and costume, speech patterns and vocal stylings--it’s as hard to be a celebrity impersonator as a unique artist.  So I can’t help but wonder--why don’t they just perform as themselves?

The Wonder of You

Today I learned that Elvis Presley has a VEVO account on YouTube. Good to know that the King of Rock is still turning profits long after his departure from this world. It's also funny to watch his videos now knowing that upon their release, they outraged the old folks like you wouldn't believe. The idea that a little hip-shaking was controversial then seems absurd compared to all the scandal and Gaga we've got going on in pop now. Elvis's music also seems remarkably tame for being the music of the devil. Funny how things change. Take a look at "The Wonder of You" below and see what I mean.