Young Man With A Big Beat

Young Man With A Big Beat

Elvis Presley Retrospect 1956

With the coming of Elvis Week there has been a lot of buzz regarding the year 1956. It was the year Elvis Presley made his big break into the music scene and ascended into the heights of superstardom and he began his reign of King of Rock n Roll.

This moment has been captured on a deluxe 5 CD set titled “Young Man with the Big Beat-The Complete ’56 Elvis Presley Recordings”. It was in this year that Elvis crossed the country exposing the public to black music and his signature upper-lip sneer and gyrating hips. He took the nation by storm, recording his staple songs “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Hound Dog”.

The title was taken from RCA’s first Elvis Presley poster campaign for his legendary first album. You can follow this young man’s tour chronologically with an 80-page booklet, rare memorabilia and artifacts like ticket stubs and posters, photos made famous by photographer Al Werthmeimer, and a 7” vinyl of Elvis’ very first RCA EP with the songs “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Tutti Frutti”, “I Got a Woman” and “Just Because”.

Included in this exclusive compilation CD set:

CD 1: 1956 Studio recordings. 17 tracks recorded in New York, Nashville and Hollywood.

CD 2: 1956 Studio recordings of 22 tracks in New York, Nashville and Memphis.

CD 3: Live recordings from the Venus Room at the Frontier Hotel in Vegas, the Robinson Memorial Auditorium in Little Rock, AK, and the Hirsch Youth Center at the Louisiana Fairgrounds in Shreveport.

CD 4: The Outtakes. 4 outtakes from his first historic RCA session and the first interviews.

CD 5: The Interviews. All his interviews from 1956 including the TV Guide Interviews, Colonel Parker and Oscar Davis Interviews, The Teen Parade Interviews, and the interview titled “the truth about me” recorded on the set of “Love Me Tender”.

Since it’s release the set has received rave reviews and has been nominated for a Grammy Award.