The once and future King

The once and future King

The ghost of Elvis

Saw the ghost of Elvis. In 2007, the fans of the show American Idol and television viewers everywhere were awestruck when Celine Dion stepped out on stage and did a duet with Elvis Presley. They performed his 1968 hit “If I Can Dream,” which was more than appropriate for the show and the event.

Like most viewers, I wondered how in the hell it was accomplished. It seemed so real that it gave me goosebumps. Many were saying it was a holographic image and others said it was an impersonator, and even some said it was a combination of both.

It had been explained later by an alleged crew member of the show that it was all done in the editing room with a technique known in the Biz as Rotoscoping. The image and song was taken from the masters of Elvis’ ’68 comeback show and was mixed in the editing room for the television broadcast. An Elvis double was used to give Celine a reference point. It is much like the technique used when Lisa Marie did a duet with her dad on the song “In the Ghetto.”

Now, with the dawn of holographic technology bringing late rapper Tupac Shakur back to life and to tour, can an Elvis hologram be far behind? Elvis Presley Enterprises has kept quiet about it, Lisa Marie Presley has given her blessing on it as long as it’s done in taste, but there is no official word.

Elvis is already on tour selling out venues with his current tour in which his TCB band plays on stage with a giant image of the King on a large screen. So to put Elvis in hologram form on stage and on tour would be extremely lucrative from a business stand point, and a welcome and refreshing treat from a fans standpoint.

The Coachella Tupac tour involved taking Tupac’s image, and manipulating it digitally and projecting it on stage. It is all original movements and doesn’t involve archive footage of the artist giving the audience a real feel.

One can only “dream.” This could open up a whole new innovation in concert performances, bringing back legends like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson just to name a few.