Moody Blue

The King's final recordings

Moody Blue. It was the last album released by Elvis Presley on July 19th, 1977 and it included tracks he had recorded in February and October of 1976 and April of 1977.

It included a mixture of live concert recordings with earlier studio work. The B-side tracks were recorded during his Graceland sessions of 1976.

As RCA was scrambling to find some studio tracks to put on the album, Elvis had hand picked a few songs to record for it. They were up-tempo country songs. Unfortunately, when it came time to record them, Elvis was a no show, claiming to be sick. This was a trick used by the King in the '60s to get out of recording bad songs for his movies soundtracks.

RCA decided to fill in the rest of the album with live tracks. “Let Me Be There” recorded on stage in Memphis, Tennessee; “Unchained Melody,” “If You Love Me (Let Me Know)” and “Little Darlin’” all recorded while on tour in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1976.

The rest of the tracks were from the Graceland sessions: “He’ll Have To Go” which is the only studio recording on side A, “Way Down,” “Pledging My Love,” “Moody Blue,” “She Thinks I Still Care” and “It’s Easy for You.”

The album was originally released on black vinyl, a month later when Presley died they had the album pressed on blue vinyl to go with the title track. It went Gold and Platinum in September of 1977 and Platinum in 1992.

The CD release of the album had a different concert photo, removed the track “Let Me Be There” and added the complete previous album “From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee.”


Always sad to see him in movies...especially when most know the story behind the music


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Theresa Adele k...

No can like Elson believe gone is 35 years since Elvis passed away to be with God. surprisingly not how much he is missed, his music his songs, are beautifully written for me to listen to. God be with my own family as we noticed how lovely ? Elvis was on earth them days, now at 94 my own father is ill, Jan , I keep telling him, Elvis was young, a great singer, is gone so long ago. Its interesting to see where love lies right everybody. its not everyday a star is born, but we all take part in the Heavenly Creator. God be with Elvis first time I seen starworks on a New Years Day evening. thats nice. take care. Excuse me Father in Heaven we all know the evil wickedness's of the world of stealing our loved ones, and people we love so much, like Elvis.


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hello, Lisa, dear , listne to this, all you had to do was take the micropohone and put it in front of your mouth and keep it closede, now practice this in front of a mirror, your photograph isn't ladylike, dear, now Never Look BAck Elvis said to us fans of his, we all loved Elvis Presley very much, espeically me dear Lisa. You have mised the whole point of singing, try this if you like, but you are missing it every time, look back, see even Elvis until today 2013, after my precious own father died, I have never lost great beloved daddy in my life, so I know the experience of at an old aged retired parent who has left us. eagerly we want to be just like them, or try to imagine how we could be pleasant, but your photograph of open mouthed unlikeable photo isn't the way you were sitting in the photograph of the family way of life not even at Xmas, I know you have a family of your own too, so do I. my ex spouse of uncommitment has left me over 20 years ago, and still likes to take and do the tooking , not that I didn't complain of his lies all the while. as my family looks and acts like me, my both of my kids are identical to me and my father's daughter of me home. you know what I mean? so I look forwards to hearing your new singing of practice and begin again, dear, maybe for once in your life, you'll get it righ one of these days, now there's a new title for your new song, DO you have one like this already? Did you phone Melody , Russell's wife,my brother, you can't imagine how much we miss our own beloved father, JOHN to see if you could get in some music, voice lessons? I told you she's pretty good! so I'm stuck in Wininpeg in the snow storms, hoping to get back to my kids, and my house one of these days, have a nice Christmas from me, Elvis' Presley's greatest fan of I love you Elvis, Presley, reminds me of the wonderful family times we had Elvis music in my mom and dad s home in Sundown, Mb. So good luck. !! Love Elson! Adele.


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